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Midnight Flora Farm Grand Opening...

Dear Fellow Mud Trolls,

hiii ***waves frantically***

First blog post.  Technically its late, I really wanted to have all the bells and whistles finished up for the Grand Opening but did you know there are 743,432 details that you need to know that you didn't want to know but have to if you wanna do a sale?  I've slashed the number quite a bit but I'm still working on it.








See...my ducks are almost in a row.  Almost.   

Our Grand Opening went fantastic except we did have a shipping SNAFU.  It should be fixed now (please email or message me if it does weird things!). There will be an upcoming email regarding that snafu and I hope nobody throws rotten tomatoes at me.  Please throw cake instead.  The dahlia community is really an amazing bunch of folks.  I just don't want to be left alone with them during a Black Friday sale at Target...  

As far as the online store, I hope to get it set up so its not only fun but you get a bit inspired.  There will be emails going out to subscribers letting you all know when the next sale or restock is, but more importantly I am going to release the names of any new varieties via email.  


***shock and awe***


I'm working on a few teasers for the folks in the back that are shy about sharing their emails...but it will require a lot of cookies and a tech guy.  So for now...sign up!  I'm far too busy to be a stalker guys.  Seriously, you should see my to do list.  


I'm hoping to actually list some tubers this season.  The plan originally was to sell tubers but we had a death in the family and I kinda sorta left all my freshly divided tubers in my kitchen and apparently they didn't like that. 


So, let's chat about rooted cuttings.  They are a fairly new thing being sold in the US and a lot of people are a bit leery.  I get it.  It also seems like they should be cheaper than a tuber but they usually are not.  They are heavy labor intensive.  I like to think of them like an option for when you can't find that unicorn as a tuber.  They do have some benefits that tubers don't have.  One, they don't rot in all the spring rain.  Two, you don't have to worry if there are any eyes.  Three, you generally get blooms quicker.  There are varying opinions on tuber development with cuttings but before I open my big mouth I'm gonna run some experiments.  Hoping to get about 2000 plants in the ground this year and a good half of that will be cuttings.  Science.  Cool stuff.

In a past life I think I was a brain surgeon.  I'm pretty much amazing at being a flower surgeon.   ***pats self on back ***  I know that sounds like I'm bragging.  I am.  ***ducks***

Imagine if I could stick a leg in some soil and it grew a whole new body, pretty sure that's coming, probably something Elon Musk is working on.  If you guys stick around I will actually publish what AI thought my blog post should be.  Cringe.  So.  Much. Cringe.

Anyway, I really love having a dungeon full of plant babies.  The old farmhouse originally had a root cellar and that is now aLLLL miiiiiiNE.  It is also completely full so I'm eyeing the garage.   If we are being honest I have commandeered the entire house except for the sofa.  Some day I'll tell you all about the hobbies.  A high tunnel is in the works and I'm pretty much giddy about that. 

Is this long enough for a blog post?  I mean an intro post should be...kinda mysterious?  No?  Ok fine.  I really like cake.  A lot.  Gotta have good frosting though.  

Until next time...have a muddy day,

 Midnight Flora Farm

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