Small Tuber Sale! 🌿🥔

Small Tuber Sale! 🌿🥔


It’s not a lot, but they are meat and potatoes varieties.

Also note, some of them aren’t your perfect tuber that you want to take home to introduce to your mom. But… they have eyeballs and sprouts and I won’t send them out if I didn’t have confidence in them. We will have a much, much bigger collection next season. These tubers are the ones I dropped the ball with when my mom passed. So, please don’t be a booger. I will send Liam Neeson after you. Just kidding… maybe. Depends on your booger level.

Small Note: When you’re buying tubers, you’re buying the genetics. It’s a fancy potato. I do hope to sell spotless, immaculate tubers, but I also feel like we might be creating unrealistic expectations for something we’re throwing in soil.

Steps off soapbox.

We are working on a wishlist, loyalty program (go ahead and cheat it’s fiiiine), and reviews. Wishlist will be fully functional this fall...

These will be shipping out in the next two weeks. I can’t quite wrap my brain around trying to combine shipping with cuttings, so for now it’s separate. It’s probably going to take a little experimenting and trial and error to find the shipping sweet spot. (Can someone please make a Masterclass on selling online? Thank you). Holler at me if you’ve got that figured out.

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