About Midnight Flora

Midnight Flora grows electric blue flowers that will make you breakfast in bed.  Just kidding.  They can't cook.

Seriously though, we specialize in hunting down the newest and prettiest dahlia varieties, old and new.  We do both rooted cuttings and tubers, occasionally we may also have sales on pot tubers.  (nope they aren't stoned, get your head on straight!).  We also grow a lot of roses, heirloom mums and many annuals for making bouquets.

We are located in Puyallup, about 45 minutes south from Seattle Washington.  Yeah it rains a LOT here, except for the three hottest months of the year.  Because of course.  I think its why there are so many dahlia growers in the PNW, we have really ideal conditions and by February we all have a dreadful case of spring fever and end up buying way too many flowers to plant.  All caution thrown to the wind and every year there is less and less grass to mow.    

Obviously we struggle with being serious, dahlia shopping should be fun.  If you're gonna get all serious and cranky on me...well I just don't have time for that.  I do however have time to open pettyrevenge.com and engineer glitter bombs.  I dare you.  ****runs off giggling****

All questions can be directed to the head bucket washer/dahlia hunter extraordinaire: kat@midnightflora.farm.  Thanks for stopping by to visit!  Have a fantastic day.


P. S. There have been "0" days since we have bought a new dahlia.  


P.P.S Doughnuts....... shouldn't Homer's head pop up right about now?  Look at you reading the whole page.  So proud.  






Cuttings and Tubers for the adventurous

Cuttings allow us to make a lot more unicorns available but they are an acquired skill. If you are new to them, please know you may kill a few. It's part of the journey to the green thumb. We have all unalived plants, trick is to learn from the experience. Ok that's serious enough...ugh. Go find some cake.